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The Bill Latham & Lisa Shepherd Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Recipients Recognized at the 2017 ASC

During the Agribusiness Showcase & Conference (ASC) the Iowa Seed Association (ISA) recognized seven ISA Scholarship recipients during the All Industry Luncheon on Wednesday, February 15 in Des Moines, IA. The scholarships are $1,000 each. One of these students, Catherine Leafstedt, was also selected as our “Manjit Misra Outstanding Senior Scholar,” and will receive $500 in addition to the $1000 ISA scholarship. We also are happy to award another $1,000 scholarship sponsored by the American Seed Trade Assoc. (ASTA).

This year ISA will also award a $1000 “Bill Latham” Memorial Scholarship in his honor. Bill was former president of the Iowa Seed Association, the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), and Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA), and former President of his family company, Latham Seed Company.  Bill passed away on July 31, 2015.

The Lisa Shepherd Jenkins Memorial Scholarship is being awarded for the first time this year by the ISU Seed Science Center to an undergraduate student engaged in seed science and technology. The $1,000 scholarship honors Shepherd Jenkins who served as Seed Health Testing Coordinator for the Seed Science Center and Director of the Administrative Unit of the National Seed Health System. Lisa headed one of the most active phytosanitary seed testing programs in the country and served as a chair on committees for both the American Seed Trade Association and the American Phytopathological Society.  Lisa passed away on July 1, 2015.

The scholarship competition is open to students in any major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Iowa State University, and scholarships are awarded on the bases of four criteria:

  1. Academic Excellence,
  2. Leadership Skills,
  3. Interpersonal Skills, and most importantly,
  4. Demonstrated Interest in a career in the seed industry or seed science.

The Selection Committee members are:

Dr. Barb Clawson- – Horticulture
Dr. Mark Gleason – – Plant Pathology
Dr. Tom Brumm – – Ag. & Biosystems Eng.
Dr. Russ Mullen – – Agronomy
Dr. Susana Goggi – Agronomy & Seed Science Center, and Committee Chair

The Scholarship Committee and CALS greatly appreciate the generosity, in the form of the scholarship funds, and the great measure of support given to ISU and the College, by the Iowa Seed Association and the American Seed Trade Association. We also appreciate the leadership of Dr. Manjit Misra, Seed Science Center Director and Seed Science Endowed Chair.

The student recipients will be announced in alphabetical order (by their last names).  The ASTA scholarship, the “Outstanding Senior Scholar,” the “Bill Latham Scholar,” and the “Lisa Shepherd Jenkins Scholar” will be introduced last.  I will present an abbreviated version of their accomplishments.  For a complete list of their accomplishments, please read one of the brochures printed by ISA.


Iowa Seed Association Scholarship Recipients

Kelsey Baumhover
Carroll, IA
Daughter of Dave and Patty Baumhover.

Kelsey is a Senior double-majoring in Agronomy and Seed Science. Her goal is to become an Agronomist and return to western Iowa to be close to family and friends. Kelsey hopes to use her knowledge and passion for agriculture to benefit crop production while protecting our natural resources. She is a biological science aid with the vegetable seed research group at the USDA North Central Plant Introduction Station and a summer intern with the Iowa Crop Improvement Association. Kelsey is a member of the Freshman Council, Agronomy Club, and the College of Ag and Life Sciences’ Beginning Farmers Network, where she is CALS Representative and Publicity Chair. She has also participated in the travel abroad program, and has studied the crops and soils of Costa Rica. Kelsey has accepted a position as Distribution Manager with Remington Seeds and will serve as Soybean Field Supervisor for their Carroll location.

Skyler Brazel
Tiskilwa, IL
Son of  Carl Brazel.

Skyler is a Senior double-majoring in Horticulture, Research Option, and Global Resource Systems. He holds an undergraduate research assistantship in Horticulture and works as ISU Dining Supervisor. Skyler has completed summer internships with Bailey Nurseries in Oregon and with the E.A.R.T.H. program in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Skyler is a member of the Pi Alpha Xi National Academic Honor Society in Horticulture, a member and Communication Officer of the Mid-America Collegiate Horticulture Society, and is Secretary and Poinsettia Committee Chair of the ISU Horticulture Club.  He has completed study abroad programs in China, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Costa Rica. He has also been on the ISU Dean’s list throughout his academic career. Upon graduation, Skyler is interested in pursuing a graduate degree. His career goal is to use his skills to fight hunger and food insecurity worldwide.

Taylor Davis
McLean, IL
Son of Darren and Angie Davis.

Taylor is a Sophomore in Ag Biosystems Engineering. He became interested in agriculture at a young age on his family farm where he decided to study ag engineering as a result of his love for mathematics and his passion for agriculture.Tyler is an Executive Board member and Finance Manager of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity where he performs the duties of budgeting, record keeping, and paying bills. He is also a member of the Community Engagement Committee for ISU Engineers’ week and former Academic Chair for Oak-Elm Residence Hall Council. He has also participated in community activities such as ISU Polar Bear’s Plunge to raise funds for Iowa Special Olympics; has worked with Habitat for Humanity; and has participated in Snow Cones for Seuss, a philanthropic service facilitated through the Greek community.Tyler’s career goal is to improve modern agricultural production by working in the seed industry to help improve the “field to table” delivery system.

Ashley Dean
Murray, IA
Daughter of Autumn and Daniel Dean

Ashley is a Senior majoring in Agronomy, Agroecology Option, and Seed Science. She has completed an undergraduate research assistantship on a corn defoliation project under the mentorship of Drs. Goggi and Christian, and is teaching assistant for five Agronomy undergraduate courses. Ashley also has completed three internships; as a Research Technician at Easton Agri-Consulting, and as an Insect Trait Development and Sales Intern for DuPont Pioneer. Ashley is the recipient of other academic-based honors. She was named an ISU Freshman Cardinal Scholar and earned Academic Recognition scholarships, and an Agronomy Academic Fellowship. She was also inducted into the ISU Chapter of National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and named an ASA-CSSA-SSSA Golden Opportunity Scholar. Upon graduation, Ashley plans to “continue her journey” by attending Graduate School in Entomology at ISU.

Haleigh Summers
Urbana, IL
Daughter of Tim and Jessica Summers

Haleigh is a Senior double-majoring in Agronomy and Seed Science. While at ISU, she has served as a TA for Agronomy courses, has worked in the ISU Plant Transformation Facility maintaining corn cell cultures for transformation, has conducted undergraduate research in Pat Schnabel’s lab, and has served as a Plant Breeding and Product Development Intern for Beck’s Hybrids. Haleigh has received many scholarships and honors, including the Champaign County Farm Bureau Scholarship, Agronomy Academic Fellowship, and ISA and Manjit K. Misra Outstanding Senior scholarships. She is a member and former Vice President of the ISU Agronomy Club, and participates in ISU’s Honors Program and the Intercollegiate Crops Team. She has also been a member of the Agronomy professional and scientific societies (ASA-CSSA-SSSA) for the last 2 years, where she presented results from her undergraduate research project in 2014 and was named 2016 ASA-CSSA-SSSA Golden Opportunity Scholar. Haleigh’s long-term career goal is to help farmers adopt environmentally friendly management practices, like cover crops, while maintaining profitability.

Savannah Jones
Palmyra, IN
Daughter of Keith and Christine Jones

Savannah is a Senior majoring in Agronomy and Genetics. She has conducted undergraduate research under the mentorship of Drs. Maria Salas and Steven Cannon, and has been a Plant Breeding Intern for Beck’s Hybrids at Marshalltown, IA. Savannah has participated in the ISU Honors Program and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). She has also received the ISU Award for Competitive Excellence, Agronomy Academic Fellowship, the E. Marjorie Smith and Garland Beck Ag. Scholarship, the Mary K. Phillips Scholarship in Plant Science, and the Minard G. Mills Memorial Scholarship in Agriculture. She was also a recipient of the “Building Our Future” Harrison County Community Foundation Scholarship. Savannah’s career goal is to conduct research in plant genetics and to use non-transgenic tools in plant breeding for developing improved cultivars.

2017 ISA & Manjit Misra Outstanding Senior Scholarship

Catherine Leafstedt
West Des Moines, IA
Daughter of Jon and Carla Leafstedt

Catherine is a Senior double-majoring in Agronomy and Global Resource Systems. She has research experience with ISU Plant Pathology, DuPont Pioneer, and Monsanto. She has traveled with a World Food Prize International Internship program to the International Potato Center in Peru, has completed research for the African Biofortified Sorghum project, and in summer 2017 she will travel to Northwest Africa as an ag intern for Context Global Development where she will participate in two Gates Foundation-funded projects. Catherine has received many awards and scholarships, including the 2015 ISA and 2016 ASTA scholarships. She has participated in the University Honors Program, ISU President’s Leadership Class, Freshmen Council, and World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute, and has served as a WFP Student Rep for Iowa STEM Day at the Capitol. She also is a National Merit Scholar and a Cargill Global Scholar. Catherine’s many extracurricular activities include Campaign Volunteer in the “Branstad-Reynolds,” “Romney for President,” and “Marco Rubio for President” campaigns, as well as being the winner of the 2015 College Republicans-Caucus Cup Debates on Biotech Food Labeling and Campaign Finance Reform. She was selected as an Iowa Republican Party County delegate (2014) and County, District, and State delegate (2016). She is also a former member and Social Media Chair for “Meals from the Heartland” Student Leadership Board and was a Valley Church nursery volunteer and after-school group leader for disadvantaged youth. Catherine is interested in using her education and experiences at ISU to become an effective advocate of agricultural innovations and global food security for subsistence farmers worldwide.

2017 Bill Latham Scholarship

Leah Ellensohn
Le Mars, IA
Daughter of Nicki and Eric Ellensohn

Leah is a Senior double-majoring in Agronomy and Seed Science. She has worked in many different jobs at the ISU Seed Science Center, helping in the germination, trait testing, seed health, and purity labs. She has also worked as GIS tech for the ISU Daily Erosion Project, as TA for Agronomy 154 – soils, as an Emerging Leader for the Land O’Lakes the Global Food Challenge, and as an intern for Sitzmann Family Farms. Leah has been Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager for the ISU Soil and Water Conservation Club, and has participated in several capacities in the ISU Block and Bridle Club. She is also a member of the Agronomy Club, Women in Agronomy Club, and is a team leader for “Destination Iowa State.” She has received many scholarships and honors, including the 2016 ICIA scholarship, 2014-2015 ISU Academic Recognition Award, and the 2012 Governor’s Leadership Award, among others.

Leah aims to graduate summa cum laude (she would like to see a star by her name in the graduation program). Upon graduation, Leah would like to pursue a career in seed sales. Her long-term career goal is to advance professionally to industry jobs where she can apply her interest in seed sales and seed science.

ASTA Scholarship

Sarah Striegel
What Cheer, Iowa
Daughter of Michael and Suzette Striegel

Sarah is a Senior double-majoring in Agronomy and Agricultural Education. She grew up in a small family farm raising corn, soybeans, and livestock. Sarah was not interested in Agronomy until she took Agronomy 114 in the spring of her freshman year. Since then, she has added Agronomy to her double-major, is a TA in Agronomy 114, and has held seed production internships with DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto. Sarah is recording secretary of the ISU Agronomy Club, Corn Grower’s Club Treasurer, Alpha Gamma Delta International Women’s Fraternity’s Alumnae Relations Coordinator, and an Alpha Zeta Agriculture Honors Fraternity member. She is active in AFA and gives campus tours to prospective students in her role as Student Admissions Rep. She was in the top 2% in CALS academically during her freshman year, was on the Dean’s list for five semesters, and took part in Iowa State’s Honor Program. She has received the 2016 American Society of Agronomy (ASA) Greenfield Award and the 2016 Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture Award, among others. She has also completed an ISU travel abroad course to Costa Rica and a Global Compassion Network trip to Haiti. After graduation Sarah would like a career as a Seed Production Agronomist and Certified Crop Advisor working for the seed industry.

Seed Science Center “Lisa Shepherd Jenkins” Scholarship

Anthony “Tony” Moellers
West Union, IA
Son of Jason and Lori Moellers

Tony is a Senior double-majoring in Agronomy and Seed Science with a minor in Ag Business. He grew up on his family farm, and his passion for the seed industry stems from his experiences in FFA, AFA, and his father’s work as an independent seed dealer for Stine Seed Company. Tony has held several agronomy sales’ internships with Farmers Cooperative Company, Mycogen Seeds, and Dow AgroSciences. He has worked at the Iowa State University Seed Testing Laboratory in the seed germination lab and as TA for Agronomy 114. Tony has been recognized as AFA National Scholar, Mid America CropLife Association Young Leader, and was named a Royal Scholar by the American Royal Association. He is a member of the ISU Ag Marketing and Management Organization, the Agronomy Club, and is a former member of the ISU Ag Business Club. He is also a former Vice President of FFA and has received ISU Academic Recognition and National Honors Society membership. Tony will start his career as an Eastern Iowa Sales Representative for Mycogen Seeds and Dow AgroSciences. He plans to use his knowledge to recommend to farmers seed that will provide a sustainable source of income while protecting the environment.