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Article I



Section 1. Classification.

A. Types of Memberships. The membership of this association shall consist of four classes: Regular Members, Associate Members, Sales Members, and Honorary Members.

B. Person Defined. Article III of the Articles of Incorporation states that “persons” are eligible for membership in this association. The term “person” as used in By-Laws shall include natural persons, corporations, business trusts, estates, trusts, partnerships and associations.

Section 2. Eligibility.

A. Regular Member. Any person engaged in the growing, conditioning, or selling of seed, or the marketing of products or services related to seed, or who is vitally interested in the purposes of this association, may be eligible for regular membership in the association after obtaining approval of the Board of Directors, or its delegate, and upon payment of current dues.

B. Honorary Member. Honorary Membership, without the rights and obligations of regular members, may be conferred upon individuals who have given long and outstanding service to the seed industry. The President shall have the privilege of designating an Honorary Member at any annual meeting of members. Not more than one Honorary Member shall be so designated in any fiscal year.

Section 3. Voting rights.

Only regular members shall be entitled to one vote on any issue    coming before a meeting of the membership, and no member shall be entitled to vote by proxy.

Section 4. Approval.

The Board shall review all applicants for membership and shall accept or reject applicants in accordance with the standards set forth in the By-Laws. The Board may delegate authority to approve membership to such person, or persons, acting either singly or as a committee, or committees, as it may from time to time determine.

Section 5. Nonpayment of Dues.

Members who fail to pay their dues within 30 days from the time they become payable shall be notified in writing of such delinquency. If payment is not made within the next 60 days, the member shall be expelled from membership, notified in writing of such, and shall have all rights and privileges of membership forfeited.

Section 6. Expulsion.

Any member may be expelled from membership by the Board for violation of any provision of the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws of this association. For any cause other than non-payment of dues, expulsion shall occur only after the member complained against has been advised of the complaint lodged against him and has been given reasonable opportunity for defense. Any expelled member may appeal from the decision of the Board at the Annual Meeting of the association, providing that notice of intent to appeal is provided to the President at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.

Section 7. Reinstatement.

Any member who is expelled may be reinstated to membership by action of the Board.